1. Flowers are the perfect customizable gift, with a rainbow of colors and textures available. The array of beautiful options is endless.  Spark your imagination and pick an choose from the thoughtful example bouquets on our daily florals page.

2. Flowers can evoke deep emotions without words. In Victorian times, when outward emotions were often hidden, flowers were used to communicate specific messages. The type, size and color of a floral gift was a code to be deciphered.  Surprise the one you adore with a colorful coded message.  Historically these flowers held these special meanings:

Violets for faithfulness;

Carnations for grace;

Tulips for true love;

Aster for wisdom;

Bird of Paradise for joy;

Calla Lily for purity;

Chrysanthemum for loyalty;

Daffodil for rebirth;

Daisy for innocence;

Freesia for passion.

3. The flowers chosen in a bouquet convey the giver’s personality in addition to the recipient’s. According to a Rutgers University study, men and women who give flowers are perceived more positively – as high-achieving, caring, and emotionally intelligent.

4. Flowers appeal to the senses of sight and smell. Our sense of smell has tremendous influence in how we perceive our world. The scents of various flowers can conjure up many emotions and memories, so why not entice your love with scents that will envelop their senses.

5. Who doesn’t experience a flurry of happiness, joy, and surprise with the gift of flowers? At Rosita’s we think it’s always a fabulous idea!
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